Back from Ecuador

Sometimes it takes a week at the equator to realize what’s really important in this life. And I don’t plan on ever being away from the blog for so long again. I know it’s been hard for all of you; it’s been hard for me, too. Harder than you’ll ever know. I just don’t want it to be that hard ever again.

That’s what she said.

Look for flurries of activity in the coming days. I’ll be blogging in fits and starts, since my computer is in the shop with cooling fan issues. In the meantime I’ll be frequenting the library and my friends’ computers and I also may be trying some BlackBerry blogging, which is not recommended. No, sir.

In other news, I skimmed most of the Brooklyn Vegan posts from last week, and now I’m embarrassed that that Web site is my most visited. Preeettty, preeettty pointless, most of it.

I think I need to start focussing (New Yorker spelling, not a typo, so fuck you) on what’s important: the Surowieckipedia. I know that the world waits for new entries, and I know that it it my duty to slake this lust. Please be prepared for future installments to arrive over the next few days. Adjust your social calendars accordingly.

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