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Mogwai et The Twilight Sad at Music Hall of Williamsburg – 28 April 2009

29 Apr 2009

Collected thoughts to come; at present, I will leave you with the set list from each band, along with just some things I’ve written.

Terry Riley’s In C at Carnegie Hall – 24 April 2009

29 Apr 2009

How do you get to Carnegie Hall???


26 Apr 2009

Maybe you’ve heard of Kid 17, in which one begins playing Radiohead’s Kid A, and then seventeen seconds later begins playing it again on another media player or set of speakers (while keeping it playing on the first one). It sounds pretty cool for Everything In Its Right Place and a few other songs, too. Well, this is a million billion times cooler.

Ratatat at Terminal 5 – 21 April 2009

25 Apr 2009

What an ordeal this was, deciding whether to go to this concert! Back and forth I waffled, like John Kerry out to dinner. Going, not going, going. First I had no extras, then one, then two, then one, then none, then I needed one. Then I cried.

White Rabbits drop new album, fedora sales spike, and this post makes a sharp turn after the jump

22 Apr 2009

Note to self — White Rabbits use that Blank Dogs vocal effect on The Salesman (Tramp Life). While I’m on the subject, It’s Frightening is pretty damn good on first listen. It appears that Britt Daniel is quite a capable producer, and the drums especially are mighty fine, especially (and probably not surprisingly, given the name) on album opener/standout/presumable first single Percussion Gun. On Right Where They Left You, too, though that song sounds a lot like something from Fort Nightly — I Used To Complain Now I Don’t, or maybe Tourist Trap. It’s still a good song, I’m just saying…

Keep reading, it gets interesting!

A little something for the kids!

21 Apr 2009

Here’s something you might enjoy, friends — a news segment that delves into the sordid world of Republican tea-bagging. Try to maintain your composure during the initial assault of double entendres.

My Left Foot

21 Apr 2009

It’s come to my attention that some of my readership have taken it upon themselves to launch an aggressive, hornblower-related promotional campaign on the popular social networking platform “The Facebook.” While I appreciate the zeal of my more fervent followers, I do not wish for anyone to feel uncomfortable or unwelcome here. We all have our reasons for believing in the power of hornblower, but I understand that many are uncomfortable with some of my more radical ideologies and theories. My hope is that all will find in these Web logs an open forum — for discussion, for dissent, for growth, and for love. And I know that one day we will all join hands and sing together that great spiritual, which has been an inspiration to all whom it has reached.

Of Montreal & Janelle Monáe at Music Hall of Williamsburg – 17 April 2009

18 Apr 2009

I came into this show with two sets of expectations; one grounded in my own experience, one based on waves of hearsay. The first set of expectations was that of Montreal would put on a wild and crazy show, with many props and dancers and confetti and paint and costume changes. The second was that Janelle Monáe would prove to be worthy of opening for such a spectacle as of Montreal. Both proved well-founded.

The Tallest Man On Earth + Red Cortez at the Bowery Ballroom – 15 April 2009

17 Apr 2009

He didn’t make any Tax Day jokes! Come on. That’s what happens when you pay up to 57 per cent of your income to the government — shit’s just not funny anymore. You know this tall dude is in the top bracket, and he is in no mood to joke about taxes.

George Packer quotes Irving Kristol on populism.

15 Apr 2009

“Populism? Gay.”
-Irving Kristol

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