Ladytron + the Faint + Crocodiles at Webster Hall – 10 April 2009

Okay, dear readers, I haven’t the time for detail, but here are the set lists from Friday’s show, copied exactly from the physical ones, pictures of which will be posted as quickly as time permits my computer recognizes my camera’s memory card. An engaging write-up of the night is also forthcoming RIGHT HERE FOR THE READING!

I went to this show because my friends were going, okay? Don’t judge me. They were like, Oh, man, this is going to be the coolest show ever and everyone will be so happy it’s going to be an unprecedented event. And I was like, Blah, blah, blah, what am I, some wack fifteen-year-old, listening to the Faint and drinking Smirnoff Ice? Heck no, I’m at least five years older than that. And I drink Sparks now, so obviously I’m much tougher.

Listen, I was like thirteen during the heyday of electroclash, and I was more concerned with when Ludacris was going to drop another Roll Out than I was with whether Fischerspooner could ever top Emerge. So I’m just trying to get a sense of what life was liking in the freewheeling early Aughts. God.

I actually wasn’t going to go to this until I heard that super buzzy San Diego band Crocodiles was added to the bill, replacing Telepathe, whose supposedly terrible live show I was actually kind of looking forward to seeing and judging for myself. So I bought a ticket just to see Crocodiles.

I’m kidding, idiot. You’re really dumb, man. I didn’t buy a ticket just to see Crocodiles. Idiot. I didn’t actually even get to see them, because we got to Webster Hall just as the Faint were beginning their set. Whatever. I was ruddy from drink and I had just made a quick fifty smackers, so I was ready for the partying.

I went to the show with five (not to be confused with 5ive) of my friends. We arrived to what looked like a fairly crowded Webster Hall, but worked our way to the front without much trouble, and the groove commenced. I kept thinking about how important has been to my Web log, and I was very thankful. But there was dancing to be done, so I shooed those thoughts from my head. The Faint sounded good, I’d have to say. They have been around for a while now and obviously know how to put on a great show. Frontman Todd Fink (husband of Orenda (Saddle Creek love!), yes, but it was he who changed his name!) is an especially enjoyable performer, as long as you’re not too cynical. If you came to have a good time, I imagine you did — though there was an unfortunate incident whose seeds were sown early and reaped nearly at the end of the Faint’s set, and which I must now recount.

A certain gentleman, whom I’ll call Good King Martinslas, was enjoying his royal dancing. However, his kingly exuberance was a bit too much for a certain other concertgoer, whom I’ll call Curtis Enis. Apparently, the Good King’s wild yet refined jitterbugging was just a little too much for Mr Enis’s lady friend, whom I’ll call Marie Curie. I suppose Ms Curie told Mr Enis to JUST DO SOMETHING, DEAR and so Mr Enis requested that the Good King please tone down his royal thrashing. Unfortunately for everyone, Mr Enis neglected to approach the matter with the decorum that is required for communication with such an august body as the Good King, who, deeply insulted by Mr Enis’s callous and — if I may be frank — extremely foolish disregard for the kingly office, immediately began to dance all the more robustly, Ms Curie’s fearfulness be damned. The tension grew between the two parties as the Good King continued to enjoy the concert with regal aplomb while Mr Enis and Ms Curie maintained a quite unbecoming attitude of plebeian resentment. The simmering confrontation was brought to a head during the performance of Worked Up So Sexual (the Good King’s favorite entry in the Faint’s repertoire, it seemed), when Mr Enis attempted another negotiation for the cessation of flagellation. Nothing doing, Enis! The Good King was, of course, unspeakably incensed by this egregious affront to his lofty personage, and reacted with all due severity. With a great cry, Good King Martinslas cocked his kingly fist and delivered a most kingly blow to the side of Mr Enis’s ill-formed peasant head. The lesson was taught. The Good King had made his power clear. The night was his.

Moving on from royal matters to something perhaps a bit more pertinent to the performance, the Faint dipped far into their back catalogue for this show, playing at least two songs from every record since 1999’s Blank-Wave Arcade. Because the show was 18+ I imagine much of the crowd had been fans from way back — probably a lot of nostalgia in the room, for carefree youth and wasted days, easy sex and guys’ first experiments with eyeliner. And getting punched in the face!

After the Faint finished, the Good King had had quite enough of Webster Hall, thank you, and made his way, entirely of his own volition, out the doors and into the welcoming night. His night continued, after some baronial bleeding from his royal domepiece, with an unexpected, but greatly appreciated, kingly visit to the pediatric ward of the venerable Bellevue Hospital Center. Take me to the H, take me to the O, take me to the S, &c, &c, indeed!

I, however, remained at Webster Hall to see what Ladytron had to offer. They were much like I expected, icy-cool and composed, with a pretty rad light show making my eyes do intricate dances in their sockets. If you wanted to dance, you could; I did want, and did do. My dedicated readers, of course, expect nothing less from me. There was also less chance of getting punched in the face during Ladytron’s set, and not just because the Good King had made his eminent egress. The mood, though thankfully never dangerously bonkers during the Faint, was a bit more relaxed for the headliners.

Here are the promised set lists. Please note that the Faint apparently intended to play Your Retro Career Melted, but found themselves unable to do so, as evidenced by their crossing out of the word Career on their set list, which crossing out I mimicked a bit down there, as you’ll see. I’m just trying to make things as real as possible for you huddled masses. Also, though there was a line under Worked Up So Sexual in the Faint’s set list, I’m pretty sure they didn’t actually go off stage and come back on for an encore. I separated the next three songs anyway, though, because fucking poetic license, man. Ladytron did leave the stage and return for their encore. Traditionalists. Not too much in the way of surprise song selections from either band, though I was glad to hear Southern Belles In London Sing, since that and Birth were the first Faint songs I heard (maybe I heard Worked Up So Sexual before then, but I don’t remember), fall of my sophomore year of high school when this girl who was in the concert band with me was like Oh my god Hornblower I made you this crazy mix cd it’s really alternative and off the beaten track and far from the madding crowd and you’ll just love it and … And I was like, Okay, I’ll take your mix cd but don’t talk to me when I’m with my football friends because they think that all I listen to is like Metallica even though I really don’t know shit about Metallica and you have short, pink hair so they’ll be like, Hornblower I thought you were a cool football player now you’re talking to weirdos with pink pixie cuts? man you fell off dude, and I’d be like, Nah dude I don’t know who the heck that is man I love football and beer too let’s get wasted and talk about having sex with girls in a way that clearly shows our lack of experience and also demonstrates a frightening lack of respect for women. So yeah, Southern Belles has a not a little sentimental value for me!

The Faint:

Dropkick The Punks
The Conductor
Get Seduced
Machine In The Ghost
Posed To Death
Desperate Guys
Mirror Error
Call Call
Glass Danse
Your Retro Career Melted
Southern Belles in London Sing
Worked Up So Sexual

The Geeks Were Right
Agenda Suicide


Black Cat
High Rise
I’m Not Scared
True Mathematics
Season Of Illusions
Soft Power
International Dateline
Fighting In Built Up Areas

Destroy Everything You Touch

The Faint set list
Ladytron set list
the faint


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3 Comments on “Ladytron + the Faint + Crocodiles at Webster Hall – 10 April 2009”

  1. zeeb mahwah Says:

    walsh family library is no place to read this

  2. AMG HAI Says:

    I have never read your blog, but the fact that you went to this show (I went to it Saturday night) and made a reference to Curtis Enis was enough to make a fan out of me.

    Good job.

  3. hornblower Says:

    AMG HAI-

    This is what I like to hear. Curtis Enis, Ladytron and the Faint are a potent trifecta. I’m thinking Rashaan Salaam as my next college-running-back-who-was-nasty-but-then-fell-off-hard reference. Or maybe Beanie Wells! Premature put-down. Count it.

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