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Craigslist getting all weird again

28 May 2009

So apparently now you can sell things without an account again, and I assume if you do have an account it no longer needs to me authenticated by phone. Oh, Newmark. Your ways are mysterious but your ideals remain pure, I have no doubt.

This sort of counts as a post

28 May 2009

I wrote this, but it’s not here, it’s here. I can’t ethically paste the piece here. That is not the Hornblower way. I stick to the code, even though they’re more like actual guidelines. But this still counts for something, even though it doesn’t really have that authentic Hornblower flavor. Also, leave comments of great pith and moment, praising my fabulous (goddamn you Fabolous, I did it again) muscles (Xiu Xiu are obviously less important in my life than Fabolous. Or maybe it’s just because Jamie Stewart (not to be confused with this guy or this guy and really not to be confused with this guy) never spelled out the name of his album in verse the way Fab so memorably did his name. Ah, youth. Pistil and Stamen and Peppercorn, and all is then lost.

Oh, hello reader

27 May 2009

You seem upset. You seemed disturbed. I apologize, for I know the fault is mine. You are valued, dear reader. (Side note: “re dear reader” is almost a palindrome. I’ll be using that as the subject line in all of my future email correspondence, no matter what the context.) I’ve got some wonderful things in store for you. Succor is near, friend(zo). Be strong.

King Khan and the Shrines with opener Mark Sultan at the Music Hall of Williamsburg – 1 May 2009

21 May 2009

You’ve been waiting a while for this one, haven’t you, gentle reader? I understand your anxiety. I empathize with the difficulties you have faced these past two weeks, as the terror of the possibility that this post would never come grew darker and stronger within you. Know, dear reader, that hornblower does what he can to alleviate the suffering of his vast readership. He works for you, he fights for you, he blogs for you. This is the hornblower promise:

Leonard Cohen at Radio City Music Hall – 17 May 2009

18 May 2009

I’ll try to get some coherent, meaningful words together at some point for this show, but it’s going to be tough. I wasn’t sure how he could live up to all the hype surrounding his recent shows, but Mr Cohen absolutely did, and more. Sorry if you missed it.

Uhh, here’s the set list, at least.

Dick Cheney had Benazir Bhutto killed? Or did he do? Or didn’t he do? Or can’tn’t he have done? (Orpheus Weaponry strong!)

18 May 2009

Maybe you’ve heard this, maybe you have not done. Here’s the business: Several international sources have claimed that Seymour Hersh, the Pulitzer-prize-winning journalist, has declared that a “U.S. special death squad” formed by then-Vice President Dick Cheney assassinated former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, likely because she had voiced her belief that Osama bin Laden had been killed by al-Qaeda member Omar Saeed Sheikh (also Daniel Pearl’s killer). Mr Hersh, the story goes, claimed that Cheney personally ordered the assassination of the former Prime Minister. However…

Is this what a fanboy would do? Does this make me a fanboy? What is a fanboy, anyway? Why have my posts had so many question marks in the header, lately? Weird.

18 May 2009

I mean, I’m not touching myself or squealing or anything, but… coolio.

Franz Ferdinand y Born Ruffians at Roseland Ballroom – 7 May 2009

16 May 2009

Yeah, I went to a Franz Ferdinand concert, so what? Yeah, it was mostly just 15-year-old girls, so what? Yeah, I got some numbers, so what? Deal.


12 May 2009

Listen, I don’t have to talk about a band after I see their show; I’m going to talk about Suckers before I see them tonight!


11 May 2009

I’m thinking maybe some of these upcoming posts will be somewhat less prolix than the behemoths to which you’ve all become accustomed. I wonder how you feel about this, dear reader. We shall see how you find the stylings of the new hornblower.