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Siren Fest – Get at it

28 Jul 2009

New ish. Check it. It’s a good one. You’ll enjoy it. You shouldn’t be reading this anymore. Click here for a much more interesting story.

Tenement Street Workshop is a place for Happiness

23 Jul 2009

Go on over and observe some words on the subject of an event. Words I have written, words ye shall perhaps read. The event was a benefit for the Tenement Street Workshop artist collective. There was wine, and it was on a roof. What are you waiting for? Get over there.

What did I do today?

20 Jul 2009

I wrote, friends. I wrote, and I write. I ate and I judged and I remain in your strictest confidence. Sometimes life’s pleasures are simple — just this evening, I marvelled at the beauty of using an ice cream scooper. After months of struggling not to deform my spoons in a mighty effort to use but simple silverware for purposes far beyond its intended function, the easy glide of the heavy tool through pistachio ice cream was a burden lifted, a gift bestowed.

And So, Friends, I Return

20 Jul 2009

I have been negligent, I know. This causes me no shortage of distress and heartache. Believe me, gentle readers, I would like nothing more than to be able to sate your mad appetites for constant literary gratification. There is, however, an unfortunate impediment to this dreamy wonderland world: the cold iron shackles of reality. This past week has found me working 13- and 14-hour days (not including lunch break!) at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, performing the admirably selfless duties of an extra in a feature film of unprecedented cinematic innovation and extraordinary social import. A film called Step Up 3D.

During this arduous process, my internet access was limited in such a way that Web logging to any meaningful degree was rendered near-impossible. But let us not turn now to despair, for these dark days may now watch our backs as we saunter forward, ever forward. We chance upon this day or that, fearful and loving and cold, until at last we find a hammock to sit in as all the world passes by at once and for always, infinite repetition of a spiral leading nowhere.

More writing that you desire

11 Jul 2009

I come bearing tidings of further strings of words composed by yours truly. The piece in question may be found here. Go on over and check up on it. It tells the tale of a journey to Bruar Falls in Brooklyn, where the musical groups Real Estate, Air Waves, the Beets and Grooms played a little show for those with ears to listen and eyes to see. It’s all there for the taking, reader. Nothing is asked of you but your time.

Advert #3

10 Jul 2009

Come on now, this one didn’t even violate any of the craigslist rules. I’m just an honest guy looking for some help, here.


07 Jul 2009

Anyone else think that the graphic on the New Yorker Web site makes Michael Jackson look like a long-haired Voldemort?



Anyone else think that that thought doesn’t merit a Web log post? Anyone else think that it’s just the nose and the pale complexion that are similar? Anyone else think that it’s probably illegal to host this image here without asking (the illustration is by Robert Risko, for what that’s worth)? Anyone else think that Hornblower is just hoping someone will search WordPress for “Michael Jackson” and find this little nonsense? What a cad.

Holy [the F word], who followed Crocodiles, at the Ottobar (Baltimore) – 24 May 2009

04 Jul 2009

I’ve censored the title of this post, for Decency’s sake. Decency is the name of my three-year-old niece who reads this Web log religiously. If you read the rest of this post, be warned that the band’s actual name will be used, most likely on more than one occasion. Also, for some reason, I somewhat frequently write ‘Corcodiles’ instead of ‘Crocodiles’ when discussing that band.

Decency, you’re not allowed to read past the jump.

Check the rum store to see if they carry codeine

01 Jul 2009

Here’s another link I’m going to offer to you, friend. Go on, explore. It’s a little something I wrote about a little band called the Antlers and a little rooftop called the roof at 350 Grand St, Manhattan and a little film called Humpday and a little open bar of a little beer called Radeberger Pilsner at a little bar called Fontana’s. It’s on that other Web site because they pay me to put it there and it would be a bit rude of me to bite their style.