Black Moth Super Rainbow at South Street Seaport – 24 July 2009

It’s been a while since my last concert review that was actually hosted here. I’m sure you miss it. I know I do. We all do. It’s time for a return to form, of sorts. Yeah, I know this concert was a while ago. But don’t worry, because this review is brand new! Lovely. Just lovely.

So this was a free concert at the South Street Seaport. They do it every Friday, people. The Seaport is a lovely place, you know. Ships and fish and Pizzeria Uno.

The openers for this show were Dan Friel (of Parts & Labor) and Blank Dogs, but I missed out on them. I caught Blank Dogs this past February and they were all right, but I didn’t really mind missing out on them. I was there for the hazy Black Moth jams. And hazy Black Moth jams I would get.

At first, it seemed that the band was fronted by the guy in the furry suit and weird, squinting mask. It was soon apparent, however, that, although this man was holding a microphone to his mouth (which mouth was unmoving, being a mask and all), he was not responsible for the vocals at all. What he did do, though, was toss Tostito’s into the crowd, which endeared him well to those in the first few rows.

There was still the matter of finding the source of the vocoder’d vocals. Luckily, your humble narrator is on the tall side, so I was able to crane my head above the poor, the huddled masses and spotted on the floor of the stage none other than Tobacco, the very mastermind of BMSR. Humble gentleman that he is, he was singing/speaking and manipulating with the vocoder from a rather hidden position. I suppose, then, that the bemasked, besuited man functions as a sort of proxy frontman. Fair enough. He didn’t really do anything for me — though I was out of range of the Tostito’s, which may have changed my mind.

No, what made the show for me was the rhythm section. Just like with Holy Fuck, the live drumming really got me into the songs. Black Moth are so woozy that the live set could have been a snooze fest (if only for the rhyming convenience), but the energy from the live instruments kept pushing things forward. And we all know that drum machines have no soul.

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