No post yesterday. Or the day before! Wow. I know this caused no small measure of disappointment, especially to my more devoted readers. Please know, however, that this Web log will be all the better for the delay.

Some of you may know that in just nine days I will be leaving these fair shores in favor of warmer climes. What does this mean for Tinspeaker and Hornblower devotees? Only time will tell. Because I will not be in New York, however, I would like to suggest that my dear readers attend some exciting events which may distract them from the meaninglessness of their daily lives. Future posts in this same vein will be under the new “Things To Do” category.

23 August 2009, free
Girl Talk, Max Tundra, Wiz Khalifa
at Williamsburg Waterfront
(JellyNYC Pool Party)
So, obviously this one is only for my preteen readership. The rest of you have outgrown your Girl Talk phase, right? Ha, ha, ha — of course you have! If you’re a real man, or woman, you’ll just go on down the street to Brooklyn Brewery and get your drink on — super strong.

27 August 2009, $10 (21+)
Cymbals Eat Guitars, These Are Powers, Real Estate, The Drums, TBA
at Brooklyn Bowl
(Insound 10th Anniversary Party)

Insound is a great online record store and they are celebrating, so you should join them — especially with a lineup this good. CEG are epic, noodly guitar anthems in the vein of indie rock patriarchs like Modest Mouse and Built to Spill; you’ve already read my report on Real Estate; and the Drums have been getting loads of deserved hype lately on the strength of their feel-good, 50s-influenced songs (One is called “Let’s Go Surfing” and it has plenty of whistling. Have they won you over yet?). These Are Powers have been around seemingly forever but I never listen to them just because I figure I’ll eventually get around to it but never do. I imagine they’re pretty decent. Brooklyn Bowl is a fantastic space, but you already knew that, didn’t you?

30 August 2009, free
Grizzly Bear, Beach House
at Williamsburg Waterfront
(JellyNYC Pool Party)
You don’t need links to these bands, do you? You also probably don’t need me to tell you to go to this show. Two beautiful bands, one beautiful view, zero beautiful dollars. If you’re in the area, you’d better have a damn good excuse not to be there.

16 October 2009, $15
Vashti Bunyan
at 92Y Tribeca
Awfully far in advance, this one. Awfully far. But I don’t want to forget about it and leave you, the reader, out in the cold. Vashti Bunyan is a fantastic artist, and you would do well to go and see her — and at only $15, this is an incredible deal. Her voice is so light and smooth that the only fair reference point is Nick Drake. Go get a ticket now, before there are none left to be got. There is also a screening of the new documentary Vashti Bunyan: From Here To Before that will take place before the performance. To see both, get a $22 ticket here.

This is just a smattering of the wonderful things to come in the area while I will be away. I’d post some more, but it’s not easy hunting hyperlinks on a hijacked wireless connection in the Bronx. Juan’s Network 1974 just isn’t as reliable as it used to be. But Hornblower is nothing if not devoted to his readership, so look for more events under the “Things To Do” category in the near future.

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