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More writing that you desire

11 Jul 2009

I come bearing tidings of further strings of words composed by yours truly. The piece in question may be found here. Go on over and check up on it. It tells the tale of a journey to Bruar Falls in Brooklyn, where the musical groups Real Estate, Air Waves, the Beets and Grooms played a little show for those with ears to listen and eyes to see. It’s all there for the taking, reader. Nothing is asked of you but your time.


Berries in Spring

10 Jun 2009

Once again, this sort of counts as a post.

Here’s a little something I wrote. Did you miss it? Its here. Great. Go now, dear reader. Go to it and fly. Learn the ways of the hidden. Drive the automobile of the damned.

Also, I wrote “Olde English.” They changed it to Old.