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Evaluate yourself

07 Aug 2009

There comes a time in every Hornblower’s life when he (there are no female Hornblowers) must examine his life, and his reasons for Web logging. I do believe that my purpose with this Web log is to convince my self that I’m really cool, while at the same time (and this is crucial) making people think to themselves, “Hey, this Hornblower guy is actually really not cool. All he does is write this damn inconsequential Web log. Doesn’t he have a job, or friends — besides the made-up readers of his Web log, anyway? And he usually ends up killing those guys, anyway. And the way he talks to them — it’s like he doesn’t know what human interactions are supposed to be like. It’s pretty disturbing. If I met this man, I would flee for the highlands. I hope he finds help, or the Lord, or help in the Lord. We are all in danger.”


01 May 2009

It’s been only a couple of days, and already I feel the seething rage among my legions of followers. Calm yourselves, masses! This week has not been quite as productive as I (and you, undoubtedly) had hoped it would be, Web-log-wise, but know that I am currently working on drafts of three very promising posts, which posts will enlighten and engage, and make you chafe and cheer — all at once! If we are being honest here, though — and we always are, for that is my pledge — I don’t know if any of those drafts will be ready before Monday. I travel tomorrow to the fair city of Baltimore, and we shall see how the new atmosphere and new clime suits my Web logging capacity.

My Left Foot

21 Apr 2009

It’s come to my attention that some of my readership have taken it upon themselves to launch an aggressive, hornblower-related promotional campaign on the popular social networking platform “The Facebook.” While I appreciate the zeal of my more fervent followers, I do not wish for anyone to feel uncomfortable or unwelcome here. We all have our reasons for believing in the power of hornblower, but I understand that many are uncomfortable with some of my more radical ideologies and theories. My hope is that all will find in these Web logs an open forum — for discussion, for dissent, for growth, and for love. And I know that one day we will all join hands and sing together that great spiritual, which has been an inspiration to all whom it has reached.