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Expand on that: Jackson C. Frank and Nick Drake

12 Mar 2009

People are always saying to me, “Hey, Hornblower, why don’t you write about music on your third-place Web log?” I usually tell them to leave me alone and let me finish the crossword puzzle, but sometimes I listen.

Instead of writing about the new hep cats, I’d like to mention someone who died exactly ten years and one week ago: Jackson C. Frank. I found out about him in high school through a Nick Drake cover of Frank’s song “Milk and Honey,” which cover appears on Drake’s Home Recordings album as well as the Fruit Tree box set. After listening to Frank’s sole, self-titled album, I saw the similarities in their music, and after reading about Frank’s life I saw the unfortunate similarities in their fates. Like Drake, Frank found little mainstream success during his lifetime, but was well-respected among his fellow musicians — Paul Simon produced his album, and with Art Garfunkel covered his “Blues Run The Game.” Frank’s discography is even briefer than Drake’s, however, with just the début to his credit.