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Tenement Street Workshop is a place for Happiness

23 Jul 2009

Go on over and observe some words on the subject of an event. Words I have written, words ye shall perhaps read. The event was a benefit for the Tenement Street Workshop artist collective. There was wine, and it was on a roof. What are you waiting for? Get over there.

More writing that you desire

11 Jul 2009

I come bearing tidings of further strings of words composed by yours truly. The piece in question may be found here. Go on over and check up on it. It tells the tale of a journey to Bruar Falls in Brooklyn, where the musical groups Real Estate, Air Waves, the Beets and Grooms played a little show for those with ears to listen and eyes to see. It’s all there for the taking, reader. Nothing is asked of you but your time.

Berries in Spring

10 Jun 2009

Once again, this sort of counts as a post.

Here’s a little something I wrote. Did you miss it? Its here. Great. Go now, dear reader. Go to it and fly. Learn the ways of the hidden. Drive the automobile of the damned.

Also, I wrote “Olde English.” They changed it to Old.

Cool Breeze

03 Jun 2009

Great news, loyal readers. I’ve got three concert recaps in the incubator, and they’re shaping up nicely. You’ll have a fun time with them; invite your family. In the meantime, to maintain my reputation, I’m just going to name some hip, buzzy, bloggy bands, and tell what I think of them. Try to guess which ones I actually like, which I don’t, and which aren’t even real. Hint: the ones with links to MySpace pages are real. Or are they? Maybe I recorded some tracks in some different styles and made some MySpace pages for different made-up bands and added some friends and bam there you have it. And I did it a while ago, too. Dedication.


12 May 2009

Listen, I don’t have to talk about a band after I see their show; I’m going to talk about Suckers before I see them tonight!

Mogwai et The Twilight Sad at Music Hall of Williamsburg – 28 April 2009

29 Apr 2009

Collected thoughts to come; at present, I will leave you with the set list from each band, along with just some things I’ve written.

Of Montreal & Janelle Monáe at Music Hall of Williamsburg – 17 April 2009

18 Apr 2009

I came into this show with two sets of expectations; one grounded in my own experience, one based on waves of hearsay. The first set of expectations was that of Montreal would put on a wild and crazy show, with many props and dancers and confetti and paint and costume changes. The second was that Janelle Monáe would prove to be worthy of opening for such a spectacle as of Montreal. Both proved well-founded.

Late of the Pier at Studio B – 3 April 2009

06 Apr 2009

If you want to know about this concert, let me give you some rundown:
-There were like twenty people there
-Everyone was on Ecstasy because they gave it away at the door
-All the ladies at the party were shaking their booties, and the fellas were shaking their booties as well
-There were little octopi scattered about the dance floor