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Mogwai et The Twilight Sad at Music Hall of Williamsburg – 28 April 2009

29 Apr 2009

Collected thoughts to come; at present, I will leave you with the set list from each band, along with just some things I’ve written.

U2 at 5:30 a.m. tomorrow? Count me out.

05 Mar 2009

Talk about lame. Who would wake up at 5:00 a.m. just to eat some lame-o oatmeal and mush and then go to the lame-o grassy quadrangle to sit around in the lame-o cold for hours and watch some lame-o Irishmen sing about boots? I lay even money that Edward’s Parade is a ghost town tomorrow morning. Ghost Town. And not the awesome type of ghost town. The lame-o, boring type of ghost town. Oh, well. I’ll be sitting pretty with my paper stacked high, with the ladies thinking all about the pie in the sky.

David Byrne at Radio City Music Hall

28 Feb 2009

Last night was possibly the best concert I’ve ever seen. David Byrne is a great musician, a first-rate showman, and very classy man. And he can still sing better than almost anyone else out there.

Approximate set list, if you dare to jump: