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Craigslist getting all weird again

28 May 2009

So apparently now you can sell things without an account again, and I assume if you do have an account it no longer needs to me authenticated by phone. Oh, Newmark. Your ways are mysterious but your ideals remain pure, I have no doubt.

Craigslist getting serious now

10 Apr 2009

So I went to post my extra of Montreal tickets for next Thursday’s show on Craigslist, and I was confronted with a challenge I had not previously encountered. Old Newmark was telling me “Your account needs to be authenticated by phone to post to tickets on new york city craigslist.”

Here’s what he has to say for himself:

We need you to provide a valid, working phone number so that we can verify your account.

To help enforce our terms of use, craigslist requires an account verified by phone for posting in certain categories. Terms of use violations will be subject to account suspension and blacklisting of the phone number used to verify the account.

I tried posting in different categories, but they all had the same warning. Looks like everything’s starting to go the way of erotic services. You even need a verified account for free stuff. All right, Craig — I’ll play ball. I got my shit verified real quick. I ain’t afraid.