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What happened to Craigslist?

24 Oct 2009

Even though is still atop my Firefox “Most Visited” tab, before today I hadn’t been on the site in quite a while. And I have returned to find it twisted and altered almost unimaginably.

When you search for something, you can now sort the results: most recent, best match, low price, high price. This sort of thing has no place in craigslist, which supposedly prides itself on not changing anything, ever. It’s the kind of thing that makes me want to hit someone in the mouth.

The other thing is, where are all the scalpers? I was expecting at least a few dozen listings for Dirty Projectors tickets, and a good amount for Girls, too. The selection was weaker than Reader Zero’s triceps. Does no one have $50 to spend on the latest buzz band anymore? Is craigslist cracking down? Am I going to have to find I new way to make money next semester? Don’t like the way this is going.

Also, typing ‘craigslist’ is always hard for me, for some reason. I usually write ‘craiglsit’ or ‘craigslit’ first. What’s with that?

Advert #2

25 Jun 2009

This is part two of my struggle against the miserable homebodies who patrol the Gigs section of craigslist. I was so enraged after being flagged for this one I almost pulled an Orlando Brown (you really should click that link if you don’t know what I’m talking about). Good thing Hornblower is wilier than that. Wilier by half. I strike back with the force of my wit — the most potent weapon I know.

Here is the offending advertisement, gentle readers. Look upon it and render in your mind an opinion. Mull it well. This is what democracy looks like


Advert #1

25 Jun 2009

So I’ve been working on some marketing strategies for the old Web logs. My plan hinges on the viral powers of Craigslist, and has thus far been overwhelmingly unsuccessful. For some reason, the bitter masses who peruse the Talent Gigs section of both the New York City and Hudson Valley craigslist see fit each time to flag for removal my legitimate and sincere advertisements. This is probably because they are just a bunch of no-talent wannabe models/dancers/actors/&c/&c who spend all their time sending in their ten-year-old headshots to NYU film students looking to cast “attractive and quirky twentysomething for a student film shooting this week. No pay, but it’ll be a great experience!” Excuse me for enlivening your sad, empty lives with the gift of my prodigious wit.

I realize this is utterly counter-intuitive, but I’m going to go ahead and post here the adverts that I’ve posted on and had removed from craigslist (side note — Firefox is weak for not recognizing ‘craigslist’ as a word). Perhaps some of my loyal readers will shoulder the mantle of duty and take it upon themselves to bring the wisdom and pith of Hornblower to the masses. Unite, friends. It takes a nation of millions to hold us back.

Craigslist getting all weird again

28 May 2009

So apparently now you can sell things without an account again, and I assume if you do have an account it no longer needs to me authenticated by phone. Oh, Newmark. Your ways are mysterious but your ideals remain pure, I have no doubt.

Craigslist getting serious now

10 Apr 2009

So I went to post my extra of Montreal tickets for next Thursday’s show on Craigslist, and I was confronted with a challenge I had not previously encountered. Old Newmark was telling me “Your account needs to be authenticated by phone to post to tickets on new york city craigslist.”

Here’s what he has to say for himself:

We need you to provide a valid, working phone number so that we can verify your account.

To help enforce our terms of use, craigslist requires an account verified by phone for posting in certain categories. Terms of use violations will be subject to account suspension and blacklisting of the phone number used to verify the account.

I tried posting in different categories, but they all had the same warning. Looks like everything’s starting to go the way of erotic services. You even need a verified account for free stuff. All right, Craig — I’ll play ball. I got my shit verified real quick. I ain’t afraid.