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Holy [the F word], who followed Crocodiles, at the Ottobar (Baltimore) – 24 May 2009

04 Jul 2009

I’ve censored the title of this post, for Decency’s sake. Decency is the name of my three-year-old niece who reads this Web log religiously. If you read the rest of this post, be warned that the band’s actual name will be used, most likely on more than one occasion. Also, for some reason, I somewhat frequently write ‘Corcodiles’ instead of ‘Crocodiles’ when discussing that band.

Decency, you’re not allowed to read past the jump.

Ladytron + the Faint + Crocodiles at Webster Hall – 10 April 2009

12 Apr 2009

Okay, dear readers, I haven’t the time for detail, but here are the set lists from Friday’s show, copied exactly from the physical ones, pictures of which will be posted as quickly as time permits my computer recognizes my camera’s memory card. An engaging write-up of the night is also forthcoming RIGHT HERE FOR THE READING!