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No Deachunter (No Age, Dan Deacon and Deerhunter) at Brooklyn Bowl, 2 August 2009

13 Aug 2009

After two days without posts, I feel like I owe everyone a whole lot of words. Here are a few about the Dan Deacon/No Age/Deerhunter round robin show that was supposed to be a Pool Party show at the Williamsburg Waterfront, but was moved indoors to Brooklyn Bowl.

The venue change didn’t create a misnomer — the Pool Parties were only ever pool parties in a loose interpretation of the phrase, with the dry McCarren Park Pool serving as the waterless initiator of the appellation. This year found them even further removed from splashing and swimmies, with the location shifted down the street to the Williamsburg Waterfront. The lineup has remained as strong as ever, though, and this past Sunday was like a dreamland for the 1000+ hipsters who managed to make it into one of the shows.

You’ve got to go read the article. This is just supplementary.

I can’t help wondering what the show would have been like in its planned setting. No doubt Deerhunter and No Age would have elicited much the same responses in the small club or the expansive waterfront. But Dan Deacon relies heavily on crowd participation — would he have been able to get thousands of people to form a circle around a single interpretative dancer and imitate her moves? Would the human tunnel (two rows of people standing side-by-side facing each other, holding hands aloft with the person in front of you) have stretched a quarter-mile or more along the East River. I’d like to think so, but I can’t be certain. But what was, has been and what might have been, has now passed into oblivion! Also, one time I saw Dan Deacon at a cheap Indian food place in Baltimore. It was pretty exciting.