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This sort of counts as a post

28 May 2009

I wrote this, but it’s not here, it’s here. I can’t ethically paste the piece here. That is not the Hornblower way. I stick to the code, even though they’re more like actual guidelines. But this still counts for something, even though it doesn’t really have that authentic Hornblower flavor. Also, leave comments of great pith and moment, praising my fabulous (goddamn you Fabolous, I did it again) muscles (Xiu Xiu are obviously less important in my life than Fabolous. Or maybe it’s just because Jamie Stewart (not to be confused with this guy or this guy and really not to be confused with this guy) never spelled out the name of his album in verse the way Fab so memorably did his name. Ah, youth. Pistil and Stamen and Peppercorn, and all is then lost.

Ladytron + the Faint + Crocodiles at Webster Hall – 10 April 2009

12 Apr 2009

Okay, dear readers, I haven’t the time for detail, but here are the set lists from Friday’s show, copied exactly from the physical ones, pictures of which will be posted as quickly as time permits my computer recognizes my camera’s memory card. An engaging write-up of the night is also forthcoming RIGHT HERE FOR THE READING!