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Girl Talk releases new album, All Day

15 Nov 2010

Available for free download here. Unfortunately, there seems to be some heavy traffic on the site, so I haven’t actually been able to download it. Thus the world must wait for the inevitable Hornblower dis track. I want to make sure I have all the ammunition I can in my armory.

Even so, something tells me this one is going to be popular with blondes and fifteen-year-olds. I’ll stick with Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy, thank you very much.



13 Aug 2009

No post yesterday. Or the day before! Wow. I know this caused no small measure of disappointment, especially to my more devoted readers. Please know, however, that this Web log will be all the better for the delay.

Some of you may know that in just nine days I will be leaving these fair shores in favor of warmer climes. What does this mean for Tinspeaker and Hornblower devotees? Only time will tell. Because I will not be in New York, however, I would like to suggest that my dear readers attend some exciting events which may distract them from the meaninglessness of their daily lives. Future posts in this same vein will be under the new “Things To Do” category.