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Ratatat at Terminal 5 – 21 April 2009

25 Apr 2009

What an ordeal this was, deciding whether to go to this concert! Back and forth I waffled, like John Kerry out to dinner. Going, not going, going. First I had no extras, then one, then two, then one, then none, then I needed one. Then I cried.

In case anyone is interested in Cursive…

01 Mar 2009

I’m still getting a feel for my readership, so you’ll forgive me if this offends your sensibilities, but it’s worth mentioning regardless of musical taste: Cursive is offering their new LP, Mama, I’m Swollen for just one dollar, for one day only (today). So, you have about five minutes to get on that. It’s available here. Act quickly, because the price goes to $2 tomorrow, and increases by $1 each day until the release date, 10th March. Incidentally, I’m not particularly attached to this band, I just thought the pricing scheme was neat, and worth noting.

Odd Trend in Popular Music

23 Jan 2009

How do artists get away with biting hooks from pop hits from the recent past? Consider: the song “Cookie Jar” by Gym Class Heroes featuring The-Dream (aside: what purpose could that hyphen possibly serve?). Perhaps it sounds somewhat familiar. Perhaps it seems to resemble the breakout hit for a certain top-hatted, robot-voiced gentleman. Still not sure? Observe here.

This is only the most recent in a growing trend. The most blatant ripoff, to my ears, was perpetrated by Akon with his “Don’t Matter,” the bridge (I think; it could well be the pre-chorus, or whatever you want to call it) of which cribs shamelessly from R. Kelly’s wonderful “Ignition (Remix),” which has to be one of the best songs of the past few years.

Whether the original song is good or not bears little on my feelings on the imitation. If it was weak the first time, the new track is likely to be mediocre as well; contrarily, if I actually like the original, the plagiarism will likely draw my ire, such that I will not be able to enjoy the song even if I otherwise would have done. See then, woeful, slothful counterfeiters, that your efforts shall never win my heart, which heart is undoubtedly the object of your ambition. Do not dissemble, scoundrel. This wounds you deeply. May you learn, then, to respect your fellow-artists and leave their work well enough alone.


Now That You Kind of Miss Year-End Lists

17 Jan 2009

So I avoided being bogged down in the mess of best-of-2008 lists that appeared last month, and now I’m ready to give the world what it wants. These are merely albums that I dug this year, or meant something to me, or are attempts to make me look cool; I make no claims of being an impartial judge of quality.

Albums, in roughly descending order


13 Jan 2009

It has been a while, hasn’t it? But I believe that Uncle Murda has returned to his hideout, and it is now safe for my fams and me to emerge from our self-imposed cyber-exile to resume the valiant wordpressing of Bronze Medals.

What has inspired this joyous renaissance ? (more…)