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Late of the Pier at Studio B – 3 April 2009

06 Apr 2009

If you want to know about this concert, let me give you some rundown:
-There were like twenty people there
-Everyone was on Ecstasy because they gave it away at the door
-All the ladies at the party were shaking their booties, and the fellas were shaking their booties as well
-There were little octopi scattered about the dance floor


Sasha Frere-Jones offers a chance to hear Catchdubs, Jubilee, and Ayres in action.

06 Apr 2009

Ha, ha, ha, okay, this isn’t actually going to be an imaginary New Yorker blog post, I just wanted to call attention to the ridiculousness of that sentence’s appearance on the Web site of the New Yorker. Love him or hate him (I do both, passionately (?)), Sasha Frere-Jones does bring the New Yorker to places it has not been wont to visit in the past, e.g. Megasoid at the New Yorker Dance Party, profile of Flying Lotus (Steven Ellison).