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07 Jul 2009

Anyone else think that the graphic on the New Yorker Web site makes Michael Jackson look like a long-haired Voldemort?



Anyone else think that that thought doesn’t merit a Web log post? Anyone else think that it’s just the nose and the pale complexion that are similar? Anyone else think that it’s probably illegal to host this image here without asking (the illustration is by Robert Risko, for what that’s worth)? Anyone else think that Hornblower is just hoping someone will search WordPress for “Michael Jackson” and find this little nonsense? What a cad.

Animal Collective, preceded on stage by Grouper, at Terminal 5 – 13 May 2009

10 Jun 2009

Again with the Animal Collective. I’ve had quite enough by now, thanks.

But by insistent readership is … insistent. And, even though this was my third time in nine months seeing the collected animals, the old Web log has not really been saturated with related news. In any event, the review — here she be.

Leonard Cohen at Radio City Music Hall – 17 May 2009

18 May 2009

I’ll try to get some coherent, meaningful words together at some point for this show, but it’s going to be tough. I wasn’t sure how he could live up to all the hype surrounding his recent shows, but Mr Cohen absolutely did, and more. Sorry if you missed it.

Uhh, here’s the set list, at least.

Franz Ferdinand y Born Ruffians at Roseland Ballroom – 7 May 2009

16 May 2009

Yeah, I went to a Franz Ferdinand concert, so what? Yeah, it was mostly just 15-year-old girls, so what? Yeah, I got some numbers, so what? Deal.

White Rabbits and NYU Strawberry Fest – 1 May 2009

06 May 2009

White Rabbits free show? Count me in! Hooray! Love it. Great stuff. Fantastic.

Dark Was The Night at Radio City Music Hall – 3 May 2009

05 May 2009

I’ve decided to forgo my usual chronological scrupulousness. Last night was the Dark Was The Night charity concert bonanza, and, due to extraordinary pressure from certain acquaintances of mine, I shall do some writing on the subject. Some writing off the subject may also appear in this post; I will not attempt to deny my propensity to digress.

Mogwai et The Twilight Sad at Music Hall of Williamsburg – 28 April 2009

29 Apr 2009

Collected thoughts to come; at present, I will leave you with the set list from each band, along with just some things I’ve written.

Ratatat at Terminal 5 – 21 April 2009

25 Apr 2009

What an ordeal this was, deciding whether to go to this concert! Back and forth I waffled, like John Kerry out to dinner. Going, not going, going. First I had no extras, then one, then two, then one, then none, then I needed one. Then I cried.

Of Montreal & Janelle Monáe at Music Hall of Williamsburg – 17 April 2009

18 Apr 2009

I came into this show with two sets of expectations; one grounded in my own experience, one based on waves of hearsay. The first set of expectations was that of Montreal would put on a wild and crazy show, with many props and dancers and confetti and paint and costume changes. The second was that Janelle Monáe would prove to be worthy of opening for such a spectacle as of Montreal. Both proved well-founded.

The Tallest Man On Earth + Red Cortez at the Bowery Ballroom – 15 April 2009

17 Apr 2009

He didn’t make any Tax Day jokes! Come on. That’s what happens when you pay up to 57 per cent of your income to the government — shit’s just not funny anymore. You know this tall dude is in the top bracket, and he is in no mood to joke about taxes.