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Glasvegas and Ida Maria at Webster Hall – 30 March 2009

02 Apr 2009

Monday evening was mad hectic, ladies and gentlemen. I was in class until 5:25, then I had to run the hell over to my room and put my books away and grab my ticket and run to the D train, then I had to run to W. 13th St. to meet my auntie for dinner, then time slipped away and it was 9:07 so I had to rush out and I ran (this time literally) to Webster Hall to catch Ida Maria’s opening set supporting Glasvegas.

I had bought tickets on the strength of a few good songs and a huge wave of NME-related hype for Glasvegas. For a while, I had been listening to a collection of their older recordings called Home Tapes, a torrent of which I had picked up in August. I somehow hadn’t heard much about them before that, despite their single Daddy’s Gone’s having been named the number two single of 2007 by the NME. I half-expected the show to sell out and give me the option of selling the pair, perhaps at a slight profit for my troubles. When Ida Maria was added to the bill, I became more excited about actually seeing the show, especially since I had been out of town for her first two New York shows.