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Ladytron + the Faint + Crocodiles at Webster Hall – 10 April 2009

12 Apr 2009

Okay, dear readers, I haven’t the time for detail, but here are the set lists from Friday’s show, copied exactly from the physical ones, pictures of which will be posted as quickly as time permits my computer recognizes my camera’s memory card. An engaging write-up of the night is also forthcoming RIGHT HERE FOR THE READING!

Glasvegas and Ida Maria at Webster Hall – 30 March 2009

02 Apr 2009

Monday evening was mad hectic, ladies and gentlemen. I was in class until 5:25, then I had to run the hell over to my room and put my books away and grab my ticket and run to the D train, then I had to run to W. 13th St. to meet my auntie for dinner, then time slipped away and it was 9:07 so I had to rush out and I ran (this time literally) to Webster Hall to catch Ida Maria’s opening set supporting Glasvegas.

I had bought tickets on the strength of a few good songs and a huge wave of NME-related hype for Glasvegas. For a while, I had been listening to a collection of their older recordings called Home Tapes, a torrent of which I had picked up in August. I somehow hadn’t heard much about them before that, despite their single Daddy’s Gone’s having been named the number two single of 2007 by the NME. I half-expected the show to sell out and give me the option of selling the pair, perhaps at a slight profit for my troubles. When Ida Maria was added to the bill, I became more excited about actually seeing the show, especially since I had been out of town for her first two New York shows.